Tourist tip: Discover the Munich Outback by Train


Dear tourists,

Munich has many great places to see and things to do. There are quite a lot impressions all around that maybe you will not have the time to see everything. Just don’t try it and get ready to face new shores!


Discover the rural area!

Our tourist tip from Dakine Shop: there is a region around Munich that is called “Oberland” (“Upperland”) which is the more rural and traditional part of the Bavarian capital city. If you like the mountains and if you want to find your path out of the city, we have a great idea for a day trip for tourists who are located in the center: A trip from Munich to the top of a little mountain, called “Neureuth” located directly at the “Tegernsee” (it’s a lake and it is a must-see).


Is this trip worth it?

First of all: yes it is worth it!
Our tourist tip is a day trip every tourist should do while visiting Munich but luckily not everybody does. There are quite a lot lakes around Munich BUT Tegernsee is one of the five biggest lakes in the Bavarian alpine foreland. We do not mention Chiemsee, Königssee, Starnberger See and Ammersee as it would go beyond the scope of this text.

As we want to take a hike to NEUREUTH mountain we do not yet discover the village center of Tegernsee (it has the same name as the lake) with its great mountain view and delicious restaurants, beer gardens…


You don’t have to rent a car!

Especially during weekends there can be a lot of traffic around this beautiful rural area and that’s why we prefer taking the train from Munich main station. The line is operated by the Bavarian Railway and it is called “BOB”. That’s a funny name for a train – let’s take it!


BOB is running every single hour and on weekends half-hourly (you know why…!!)

Take the “Oberland ticket” for only 19,00€ and your will get to Tegernsee / starting point of the hiking tour and back to Munich. The ticket is valid for any numbers of trips within selected routes. It will take you about an hour to get there.


The hiking trip

Start point of the hiking tour is the last station of the train so don’t worry to be lost. The Neureuth has a beautiful view over the lake and a very good Inn on the top.


Difficulty Moderate
Distance 6.8 km
Duration 2:30 hours
Ascent 523 m
Descent 523 m
Qualities Round tour, nice views, refreshment stops, suitable for kids
Best time to go May – October


Let’s go!

Leaving BOB and the train station behind, we grab our pack and head to Klosterwachtstraße. There are shiny yellow signposts where the name Neureuth is written. Just after a while turn right and go up the Nigglweg and pass the impressive “Tegernsee Hotel”. Please do not enter and have a delicious lunch there right now – we are heading to the summit!
So please follow the yellow signs and the red dot to find your way to the Neureuth. There are quite a few hiking tours to go to the Neureuth, our way is called “Westerhofweg or Bayernweg”. The path is winding up steadily ascending the cool mountain forest. After the forest at the end of Bayernweg you will cross a grass mound towards “Berggasthaus Neureuth”.


Let’s have a look – and a break!

On your way up to the summit you will have plenty of possibilities to take a break and enjoy the great view of the Tegernsee and its surroundings. However, especially from the large terrace of the Neureuth Inn you have a fantastic view! Take your time and have a break there – it’s worth it.

Returning back to the train station we warmly recommend you, dear visitor, to have a walk through Tegernsee villages and stop at “Bräustüberl Tegernsee”. It is known as the perfect Bavarian beer hall, located in a very old and traditional brewery. Even though it is huge it is packed quite often. Don’t worry about not finding a table: it is typical Bavarian to sit with other people on one table. Sit outside on the big terrace but and let the day end…


We hope you will enjoy our tourist tip of the day.

Have a great time in our great country!

All the best,

Dakine Shop Team

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